China Glass Lemonade Jar Manufacturer: High-Quality Wholesale Supply for Export and OEM

Introducing the China Glass Lemonade Jar, a refreshing way to serve up your favorite summer beverages. This exquisite jar is made by Xuzhou Easypack Glassware Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of premium glassware in China. Crafted with high-quality glass, this Lemonade Jar features a sleek and sturdy design that is perfect for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and parties. The crystal-clear glass showcases the vibrant colors of your lemonade, while the airtight lid keeps your drinks fresh and flavorful. The wide-mouth design allows for easy pouring and is the perfect size to add sliced lemons or garnishes. Ideal for both personal use and as a gift, this Glass Lemonade Jar is a must-have for anyone who enjoys entertaining. So, serve up some festive fun with the China Glass Lemonade Jar from Xuzhou Easypack Glassware Co., Ltd. today!
  • Introducing the China Glass Lemonade Jar - the perfect addition to any summer party or outdoor gathering! Made of high-quality, durable glass, this jar can hold up to 2 gallons of your favorite refreshing beverage such as lemonade, iced tea or sangria. With its vintage-inspired design and sturdy metal lid, this jar adds a touch of elegance to any table setting. The clear glass allows you to easily see how much of your drink is left, while the tight-fitting lid keeps your beverage fresh and prevents spills. And when the party is over, cleaning up is a breeze with the China Glass Lemonade Jar. Simply rinse it out with water and let it air dry. It's that easy! Whether you're entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon on your porch, the China Glass Lemonade Jar is the perfect way to serve up your favorite summertime drinks. So why wait? Order yours today and get ready to impress your family and friends with your stylish and functional serving ware.
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